Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater


Sun is using the state-of-art technology for manufacturing the products in attractive models.


Inner container is made of 304 grade Stainless Steel and latest welding technology rendering it leak proof.

Tightly packed, using ISO 9002 certified imported resin bonded glass wool, which arrests heat radiation loss by 100% and retain the temperature of water for a long time.

Safety Features

  • Fitted with ISI marked heating element
  • Hydraulically tested as per ISI standard at a pressure of 60 N/cm.
  • Double thermostat for extra safety.
  • Non-Return device in inlet.
  • Safety valve is built in to regulate excess pressure.
  • Fusible plug is used as an additional safety feature in case of double thermostat failing to function.

Outer Shell

Coral: Powder coated cylinder with ABS Top & Bottom.

Aqua:Mirror finish SS cylinder with ABS Top & Bottom.

Nile & Misty: Full ABS Body

Energy Saving

Energy saving is 50% better then ISI norms and also excels any other leading MODELS Quality brands. All our storage heaters fall under 5 Star rating.

Other Benefits

Wide range of capacities like 1 Itr, 3 ltr, 6 litres, 10 litres, 15 ltrs & 25 ltrs.

Can be fitted vertically even in low ceiling bathrooms and kitchens.

1 & 3 Ltr

6,10,15 & 25 Ltr

6,10,15 & 25 Ltr

6,10 & 15 Ltr