Hot Water Generator

Sun Hot Water Generator

This is an advanced water heating system with lowest fuel consumption, highest comfort for the 180 and minimum environment impact. In short it is an affordable water heating system for hotels, hostels and hospitals etc. In terms of recurring running cost, this is cheaper than any other system. Most European countries adopt this system.

Working System

Imported Turbine series of burner with axial air flow gives perfect control of radial swift and axial velocity in the combustion of diesel resulting maximum efficiency and accuracy flame shaping. The Burner is fully automatic. 11 has been designed to withstand the heat and other atmospheric conditions.

Combustion Chambers

The system has cylindrical tire chambers with wet walls and fire return chambers. The high velocity flame touch the chamber walls and passes thro' the tubes (with turbulence) and this optimizes the combustion and the thermic exchange

Simple Economies

Sun Hot Water Generator in suitable for hotels with 10-150 rooms. The average cost of normal bath per person is about 80 paise. The cost will be about 40% more for hill nations The system is fully automatic. No need for a separate attendant to operate. Hot water will flow within 10 minutes. The operational cost limited to the extent of hot water drawn. Low level occupancy will not result in uneconomical to run the system.

Model Name No.of rooms in plains Fuel consumption
per hour in plains
No.of rooms
in hill station
Fuel consumption
per hour in hill station
Dimension L*B*H
in inches
RC 85 30 Rooms 3 Ltr 10 Rooms 3 Ltr 40*30*36
RDB 100 60 Rooms 3 Ltr 20 Rooms 4 Ltr 46*32*38
RDB 125 80 Rooms 3.5 Ltr 35 Rooms 5 Ltr 55*32*38
RDB 150 100 Rooms 4 Ltr 50 Rooms 6 Ltr 66*32*38